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Since establishment in 2015 NPE Art Residency has hand selected contemporary artists in Singapore, inviting them to expand, nurture and develop their skills, whilst collaborating with other creatives and NPE's fine art digital print and paper experts. Our studio has more in-house facilities than any other art studio in Singapore. 

With the 2017 addition of the public gallery we are opening up this incredibly exciting, creative, exploratory space to a wider audience: enabling artists to showcase their resulting works, the new directions of their artistic practice, as well as give insight into their creative practice. 

More about NPE Art Residency and our history here

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Current Happenings

An exhibition by Megan Miao and Joscelin Chew 

Opening Reception: 8th February 2018, 6:30pm - 9.00pm, NPE Gallery 

Exhibition dates: 9th February 2018 - 18th March 2018, Mon- Fri 10.00am - 6.00pm (Level 2)

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NPE Art Residency is pleased to invite you to Megan Miao and Joscelin Chew’s joint exhibition Offcuts, showcasing new artworks developed with the use of new techniques and technologies during their during their time as NPE Artists in Residence.

Playing on the term “offcuts”, which refers to excess paper trimmed off during printing production, the exhibition looks at materials and situations often overlooked in daily life, inviting the viewer to take a look at the familiar in an unfamiliar way.

Offcuts, showcases new artworks by two exciting artists exploring materials and situations often overlooked in daily life. Their artist residency at NPE culminates in a series of dramatic monochromatic prints from Megan Miao who uses a photocopying machine to capture life's ephemerality; and two photographic series by Joscelin Chew who has spent years documenting the everyday of the resident cats of Dakota Crescent, tracing the gradual change of this neighbourhood since 2010.

Chloë Manasseh

Born 1990, London. Currently based in Singapore. She graduated from her Masters (2014) from The Slade School of Fine Art, having received the Euan Uglow Memorial Scholarship. She completed her BFA (2012) from The University of Brighton with First Class Honours, during which time she spent a semester abroad at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem, Israel.

She is currently the Artist in Residence at The Winstedt School, Singapore. Her work has been exhibited internationally with exhibitions in Singapore, Italy, USA, Israel and the UK. Upcoming exhibitions include The Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair (London), and a solo presentation at The Affordable Art Fair (SG).

Deusa Blümke 

Born in Brazil and graduating with Masters in Fine Arts from LASALLE College of the Arts in 2016, Blümke exhibits in Singapore and internationally. Her work was invited by the Brazilian Ambassador to Singapore to inaugurate the first solo show of the Brazilian Cultural Centre, at the Brazilian Embassy. Amongst other showcases, her work has been exhibited at ION Art Gallery, Substation Gallery, LASALLE College of the Arts, Praxis Gallery, the Jakarta Arts Centre, and Maya Gallery. Blümke’s works are primarily paintings dealing with form, expressive lines, and colors. She is often inspired by material manipulation and the unconscious mind, with an interest in how art can become a bridge between the artist, the viewer, and the active use of the moment.

Hélène Le Chatelier 

Hélène Le Chatelier studied art in Paris at l’Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Appliqués et des Métiers d’Art, Olivier de Serres, where she specialized in Fresco painting. Since her first painting exhibition in Paris in 1997 soon after her graduation, Hélène embraced various artistic modes of expression (painting, sculpture, photography, installation, writing). Working mainly in black and white, Hélène questions all aspects of memory, the idea of the passage of time, and the traces it leaves on our bodies and in our lives. She interrogates the secret and unconscious parts of ourselves, as well as the way we attempt reconciliation of our collective and family histories with our individual memory. Hélène currently lives and works in Singapore. Her work has been showcased in Singapore, Bangkok, Paris, Seattle and New York. She has private and corporate collectors all over the world.

Eunice Lim

Eunice Lim (b 1992), a Singapore based visual artist, has always been intrigued with human relationships and narratives in culture. She translates her studies with mediums her ideas discern most appropriate for. Her research is driven based on the critique of the system, to confront beliefs designed by a structure for society. 

Eunice approaches her works in a systematic layered manner, the very same way she believes social conditionings are formed. In the process, she re-examines the structure through origins, progress, and development. Therefore, she desires to pose an alternate understanding in the system we are acquainted to. 

Eunice has exhibited both locally and internationally. She has showcased works at National Library Board, The Substation Gallery, The Arts House, Affordable Art Fair, ION Art Gallery, Angel Orensanz Foundation of Contemporary Art and many more. Find her work at

Nicola Anthony

Nicola Anthony (b.1984) is a London-born artist currently based in Singapore. She studied at the University of the Arts London and Loughborough University. Nicola’s artistic practice explores assemblages, kinetic and light sculpture, weaving, and incense-burning on calligraphy papers. She has exhibited internationally in UK, USA and around Asia and Europe in places like Tate Modern, Orange County Center for Contemporary Art, Shinjuku Creators Fiesta and Aceh Tsunami Museum amongst others. Nicola’s public sculptures and large scale installations have also been commissioned by Singapore’s National Art Council, Marina Bay (Singapore), SG50, Singapore Sports Council and Sentosa Island. 

The completion of her NPE Art Residency programme in Singapore culminated in an exhibition at Intersections Gallery titled Intersection, with her poet collaborator Marc Nair, in Jan-March 2017. Find Nicola's artwork at

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Jennifer Chalken 

Jennifer is a contemporary realist artist from New Zealand. She is a mostly self taught artist who began painting with oil colour three years ago in Jakarta, Indonesia after working in the field of digital marketing. Her style can be described as whimsical, ethereal and forlorn. She focuses on the subject of female form, the ownership of female bodies, and the immobilising effect that manufactured beauty standards have on womens' freedom of expression. Her stoic figures and faces appear to have become trapped behind glass, held captive by inherent expectation and the male gaze. 

Jennifer's residency with NPE in 2016 resulted in a solo show at LUDO Gallery. Find her work at 

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Chu Hao Pei 

Chu Hao Pei (b.1990) is an artist based in Singapore. Formally trained in Interactive Media, Hao Pei began his practice under the School of Art, Design & Media in Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. His body of works investigates the intervention of a state, culture and nature. The conflicts and tensions arising from the interventions implore him on a fact-finding journey, uncovering various aesthetic strategies in the process. More critically, Hao Pei’s works examine the loss, or potential loss, of nature and cultural heritage as a tactic to draw attention to wider issues of environmental and cultural loss.

Chu Hao Pei completed the series Spaces. Places. Memories. during his residency at NPE, which was exhibited in International Symposium of Electronic Arts (ISEA) Hong Kong 2016 and Survey: Space, Sharing, Haunting at the Substation Gallery, Singapore. Find Hao Pei's work at

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Dora Ho 

Dora Ho (B. 1993 Hong Kong) graduated from LASALLE College of the Arts in 2014 with a BA (Hons) Degree in Fashion Design and Textiles, majoring in fashion textiles.

Dora is NPE's first designer in residence, she is the founder of d o r a . , a label which produces textiles and paper goods.

Drawing from her background in textiles design and her interest in typography, she sets out to create a theme that combines hand illustrated florals and brush lettered words, and in the process she found her calling in wedding design.

Based in Singapore, d o r a . offers customised wedding essentials including invitations, R.S.V.P. cards, envelopes, menus, custom themed maps, custom wedding favours and much more. d o r a . also provides other design services and takes on other design projects. Dora also conducts brush lettering, illustration and textiles workshops at various venues in Singapore.

Find her work at

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Pang is an art practitioner based in Singapore whose works are made up of the ordinaries in life, solitary interludes and encounters with people. Along with his art practice, he documents his existence through photographs, drawings and writings.

Pang has shown his works at Singapore Art Museum among other galleries and spaces. The work he created at NPE Art Residency was exhibited at Intersections Gallery, Singapore. Find his work at

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Dr. Nadine Caloc

Dr. Nadine Caloc is a French artist living in Singapore, she graduated with honors from IBA Fine Arts Institute - Lebanese University of Beirut- in 1999, specialising in drawing and painting. She pursued her studies in Paris since 2000 in Art History, then Visual Arts and Aesthetics. She graduated in 2014 from the Sorbonne University of Paris with a PhD degree in Visual Arts, Aesthetics and Art Science, with a very honorable distinction.

Beside her theoretical studies, Dr. Nadine has devoted her career to painting and art teaching, she also participated in many exhibitions between 1996 and the present, in France, the Middle East, Singapore and China. She spend many years developing new methods in art education and tried to explore new cultural backgrounds to enrich her artistic style.

During her NPE residency Dr. Nadine worked on her new series Cheongsam, inspired by her colourful Asian experience. This body of work is a continuity of her previous subject, Group portraits, which she has been developing since 2004. The artist attempts to represent a collective portrait based on good looking women staring at us and vice versa, at times the silence makes us interrogative and perplexed by the 'human wall' she creates. The beauty and elegance of costume conceals different realities and personal moods behind a curtain of beauty, aesthetic appearance and luxury. Find her work at Blue Lotus Fine Art.

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Wei Teck Chee

There is a constant Question on Wei Teck’s mind - “What is the Story of my generation with regards to relationship between Humankind and the Urban Environment?” Chee has been a member of Singapore Contemporary Young Artists since 2014, and is a finalist in DRIVE Site-Wide Public Art Festival (2014/2015), Gillman Barracks. His works are featured in APPortfolio Vol.4《亞洲青年創作集錄 Vol.4》 (2015) Published in Hong Kong, Mainland China and Taiwan. Finalist in the 6th France + Singapore Photographic Arts Award (FSPAA) 2015.

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History of NPE Art Residency

NPE Art Residency is an art arm of NPE Print Communications (Previously known as National Photo Engravers). NPE has a long creative history stemming back to 1967 when the main activity was photo engraving. In contemporary times, NPE has an ever growing team of designers and technicians, running Singapore’s leading press and communication agency. This means that our artist residency studio has more in-house facilities than any other studio or creative space in Singapore: Artists can upscale their work and push boundaries using high tech fabrication and production processes, digital fine art printing, giclee prints, ultraviolet printing, book-binding and stitching machines, gold leaf stamping, die-cut, embossing and debossing, to name a few. The NPE Art Residency is founded by award-winning art consultant, artist and educator, Daryl Goh.

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General hours: Mon - Fri 10am - 6pm
(Special art opening events may have different timings) 

Artist Application

Please get in touch on [email protected] for an application form. 

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